WITH A FEW exceptions, my songs are “channeled”—that is to say, some invisible window in my mind spontaneously opens and a song floats in, unbidden. I have little control over it. The “Source” has not yet revealed why I have been chosen for this or what I’m to do with these songs, so my best guess is to share them with anyone interested.

If you’re that person, I hope you find some value in their content. I have.

Chatty Cathy 2.0

THIS MUSIC VIDEO SATIRE is an exception to my more spiritual vision and work: It is intentionally political and personal. I hope to never have to make another like it, but the times we live in are so bizarre I could not sit on the sidelines and let the lies of this age go unchallenged.

THIS LINK leads to a page with the video, audio recordings and music.

SINGLES: The Song of the Month.

THESE SONGS are recorded and mixed by me in my cozy digital recording den, dubbed “Stairwell Soundworks.” Each single is released FREE on YouTube and is also available for purchase in CD-quality stereo from GoDaddy and iTunes.

If, from time to time, you do purchase a song you really like, that helps keep this musical caravan going.


AN ANTHEM for the singer-songwriter road warriors, the unsung artists whose courage and commitment to bring new insight and vision to a mostly indifferent world leaves me in awe. It’s more than I’m capable of enduring.

Next time you come across one in a tavern or on a street corner, stop and listen. You, and this world, will be better for it.

  • YouTube: FREE video of the song with lyric subtitles.
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  • Sheet Music: FREE download of the words and chords.

A SONG for our times, dark and troubling, yet infused with a stoic, stubborn call to carry on—as have our ancestors in their own times of despair. I wasn’t feeling hopeful when I wrote this song—nor am I feeling all that hopeful now—but apparently we humans are hardwired for it. And that’s a good thing.

An acknowledgement: I owe a profound debt to Leonard Cohen for pioneering a songwriting style that finds its redemption by honestly staring into the abyss.

  • YouTube: FREE video of the song with lyric subtitles.
  • CDBaby: Purchase a CD quality single.
  • Sheet Music: FREE download of the words and chords.
3.0: LITTLE HEART (scratch track)

LITTLE HEART is a song I wrote to myself about opening up to all life. It’s an ongoing process.

I’m releasing this rudimentary version—a single-mic, single take, “scratch track”—due to studio upgrades that set my production schedule back. Alas! This unpolished recording emulates a live performance. And it will show the difference between a first take and finished studio version, coming next month.

  • YouTube: FREE video of the song with lyric subtitles.
  • CDBaby: Purchase a CD quality single.
  • Sheet Music: FREE download of the words and chords.

ALBUMS: One guitar. One voice. One take.

THESE TRACKS were recorded with a single mic, generally in a single take, to capture the “warts-and-all” authenticity of a live performance. Simple. Concise. Unvarnished.

This collection of song “sketches” will be included in my more painstakingly—and imaginatively—recorded and mixed “Song of the Month” series. I make them available here for anyone interested in just the songs as songs


Story Songs of a Perpetual Pilgrim:  Volume ONE

  1. Rockin’ to the Grave – Pilgrims have to start somewhere.
  2. Little Heart – A love song to the human heart.
  3. Jack – Meet the custodian of a dilapidated office I once rented. It is all true.
  4. Slip Away – A song of transition, written for my mother when she was dying.
  5. Traveling from Babylon – A road song for the pilgrim’s journey. Inspired by a dream.
  6. Will I Find You – A pre-love song, recalling my awkward, early adolescent yearnings.
  7. The Prize Fight – A song of unexpected hope from a time that appeared hopeless.
  8. Jonathan – My first encounter with someone who was dying. Transformed my life.
  9. Heavenly – A love song to the cosmos, written by the cosmos while I listened in.
  10. Like a Snowflake – Short, yet contemplative; a good note to end on.

To preview or purchase this album or any individual songs, click here: Songs of a Perpetual Pilgrim, V1



SLIP AWAY: A Contemplative Song for the Dying

THIS MUSICAL meditation was created for those who are dying and their loved ones. It is based on a song I wrote for my mother when she was succumbing to cancer. I was able to sing it to her the day she died. It created a deep, palpable sense of peace in both of us as she passed.

Shortly after her death, I met a hospice nurse who encouraged me to make it into a recording. That meeting led to this musical production and began my journey into uncharted realms of song and story.

The mediation lasts twelve-and-a-half minutes and can be looped to play continuously. You can download a FREE MP3 file here:

Click link to purchase a CD-quality copy of Slip Away: A Musical Meditation for the Dying

I hope it brings peace to your loved one, family and friends during this profound transition from this life to whatever is beyond.

For more details, go to my Bodhi Blog.


“All day and all night, music; a quiet, bright song. If it fades, we fade.” — RUMI