The Spell is Breaking

Now What?

I MISSED posting last week. For me, everything seemed in the middle of trying to go somewhere from the middle of nowhere. There was nothing to say, which is usually the best time to say nothing.

Now that is changing. The world is changing.

The arc of all tyrants is predictable. They rise; they assume godlike stature through intimidation, retribution and violence; they appear utterly invincible; and then, the spell breaks and they fall. The arc is certain, the timing is not. Until it happens.

Trump is falling. It’s bound to be messy; but it is unstoppable. The question is, “Now what?”

Even in Reno, notable for being passive progressive, thousands turn out for a Black Lives Matter protest Sunday.

And what a time to ask that question.

Covid cases and deaths continue to increase as the economy reopens too early after closing down too late, a deadly national leadership fiasco that almost makes a mockery of our shared sacrifice.

The casual public execution of George Floyd by police has set off an unprecedented worldwide outrage and protest, demanding justice and fairness in a deeply rooted, systemically unjust and unfair system.

And meanwhile, almost unnoticed, the climate crisis has not abated; even with the drastic cut in fossil fuel consumption from the worldwide coronavirus shutdown, 2020 will be the hottest year in human history. Whether we notice or not, the door to a sustainable future is irreversibly closing. It will not reopen.

Yet, we Americans have proven ourselves capable of enduring a shutdown. We have proven ourselves capable of rising together against injustice. We have proven ourselves able to stand up to an invincible tyrant and set his demise into action. Can we also rise up in time for the most threatening—yet most abstract—crisis ever faced by humanity?

Obviously, the answer is:  we can if we choose to.


Author: Bodhi Bill is about sharing the songs I've been gifted with. Where did they come from? Two remarkable, life-changing events happened In 1996. First, I experienced an unexpected encounter with a friend of the family who was dying. The impact was so profound I left my career in advertising and became a board certified chaplain, working with the dying. Second, original songs began channeling through me with no warning. This was a complete surprise. Even though I'd played guitar since high school, I'd never considered myself a songwriter—or even a singer for that matter. More like a third-rate folk music plunker. But the songs came through anyway. Since I retired in 2015, I now have the time to record and share these songs. Although they are not "commercial" in style or content, I feel they are lovely little gems worth preserving and sharing.

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