Students Strike Back


Elementary school climate strikers at UNR. Photo by Rick Chapman.

Student Climate Strike a Success!

THANKS to school kids across the globe, my final Fasting for the Future 24-hour fast ended on a spectacular note! Millions of students left class, stood up and demanded action to save their future. And I got to be a witness to their history—and actually felt hopeful for the first time in years, maybe even decades.

Student strikers on the UNR library steps. If you look carefully, you’ll find “Waldo” and his fasting sign. Photo by Rick Chapman.

In Reno, the first action was at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) at 9am, where a few hundred activists converged on and near the library steps, including scores of high school students, bused in overflowing with their inspiring interest and enthusiasm. Off to a good start.

Shot by me from the stage in City Hall Plaza just before the program began.

The second strike started at 6pm at City Hall Plaza downtown, where over a thousand people showed up ready to change the world. Organized by local high school students, the turnout blew everyone away. Great program. Great energy. Reno is in the game!

The strike—and even my fast!—made the local TV news.

Other News

TODAY will be my last “scheduled” fast as I’ve now connected with the local climate community and don’t need to go it alone. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

  • GOOD NEWS: Citizen’s Climate Lobby.  The local Unitarian Universalists and Quakers have partnered to create a local, highly active chapter to lobby our representatives to enact a carbon tax.
  • BAD NEWS: Devastation Acceleration. No, it’s not getting better all by itself. Today’s inaction is tomorrow’s infanticide by other means. If you’re not active, get active. Don’t make me beg.
  • REQUIRED VIEWING: Greta Thurnberg.  This is what hope looks like.



I JUST (finally) learned how to make audio mixes that POP! So, I redid my two climate YouTube videos with new soundtracks. Give a listen and if you like, please share. Nothing helps move a movement like music.

Thanks for listening, figuratively and literally…


Author: Bodhi Bill is about sharing the songs I've been gifted with. Where did they come from? Two remarkable, life-changing events happened In 1996. First, I experienced an unexpected encounter with a friend of the family who was dying. The impact was so profound I left my career in advertising and became a board certified chaplain, working with the dying. Second, original songs began channeling through me with no warning. This was a complete surprise. Even though I'd played guitar since high school, I'd never considered myself a songwriter—or even a singer for that matter. More like a third-rate folk music plunker. But the songs came through anyway. Since I retired in 2015, I now have the time to record and share these songs. Although they are not "commercial" in style or content, I feel they are lovely little gems worth preserving and sharing.

4 thoughts on “Students Strike Back”

  1. Bill, I did spot “Waldo” and his fasting sign. I am glad you have identified some allies in the cause and no longer feel like the Lone Ranger. We continue to struggle in Spokane and at last night city council they passed a resolution encouraging the Washington State legislature to proceed with “clean fuel legislation” at next session. We well. George

  2. Impressive new soundtracks! I’m delighted to see you’re regularly back online.
    Feeling the irony in our recent Inside Passage trip to see the glaciers from a fossil fuel powered mega ship. The good news is that the Park Rangers who boarded at Glacier Bay to spend the day on the ship for our edification clearly attributed the rapid receding to our actions – in stark contrast to the current administration’s dictum.

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