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Life. No one gets out alive. Best enjoy the ride…



Author: Bodhi Bill is about sharing the songs I've been gifted with. Where did they come from? Two remarkable, life-changing events happened In 1996. First, I experienced an unexpected encounter with a friend of the family who was dying. The impact was so profound I left my career in advertising and became a board certified chaplain, working with the dying. Second, original songs began channeling through me with no warning. This was a complete surprise. Even though I'd played guitar since high school, I'd never considered myself a songwriter—or even a singer for that matter. More like a third-rate folk music plunker. But the songs came through anyway. Since I retired in 2015, I now have the time to record and share these songs. Although they are not "commercial" in style or content, I feel they are lovely little gems worth preserving and sharing.

One thought on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. Loved the COVID-19 Mask Guidelines. Perfect!

    Despite the tragedies that are occurring daily, the result of a virus that does not differentiate and seeks only to procreate and replicate, and upon hearing of the death counts every day on the evening news, it’s still helpful, yes welcomed, to find a glimmer of humor, something to enable a smile, a feeling of lightness. Thanks Bill!

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