Ode, V2

NOTE: A revised version of an August 25th post—tweaking a few lines of the poem. Otherwise, the same story.

When death comes to call

A FORMER colleague is visiting Spokane over the weekend. We had worked together on the Palliative Care Team at Sacred Heart many moons ago. She is now the Medical Director at a hospice in Indiana and we got to talking about her new job; as we spoke, I was transported in the Way Back Machineto a former time, place and space. While back there, this poem appeared.

Parental advisory: It’s about death and dying.

Having had stage-3 cancer twice along with a supposedly irreversible and terminal post-op complication,* I’ve become well acquainted with death. I’d say we were already old friends when we first met in this lifetime.

I think this poem is for anyone whose body has scheduled a preliminary meeting with him. If so, I hope it’s helpful.

And so it goes…

Prior post here.

*We got it reversed through non-medically-sanctioned means. Medical science knows a lot, but it doesn’t know everything.

Author: Bodhi Bill

BodhiBill.com is about sharing the songs I've been gifted with. Where did they come from? Two remarkable, life-changing events happened In 1996. First, I experienced an unexpected encounter with a friend of the family who was dying. The impact was so profound I left my career in advertising and became a board certified chaplain, working with the dying. Second, original songs began channeling through me with no warning. This was a complete surprise. Even though I'd played guitar since high school, I'd never considered myself a songwriter—or even a singer for that matter. More like a third-rate folk music plunker. But the songs came through anyway. Since I retired in 2015, I now have the time to record and share these songs. Although they are not "commercial" in style or content, I feel they are lovely little gems worth preserving and sharing.

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