On the Move

AS SOME may know, we’ve moved back to Reno, where we lived 22 years before Spokane. Last December, Marianne received an unexpected spiritual imperative to return to the high desert and, to both our surprise, I agreed. Neither of us had ever considered moving back. Once we decided, our house sold quickly and a friend of Marianne’s offered us her vacant condo downtown to camp in while we look for new digs. Both appeared to us as positive affirmations for an otherwise impulsive decision.

We arrived last week and have semi-settled in to the condo. As I’m always eager to keep recording and because I have some interesting design assignments, I temporarily reassembled my studio posthaste. Otherwise, it’s boxes everywhere.

Condo studio before and soon after…

We have started looking at houses. So far, we’re not experiencing the easy grace of selling ours or finding a condo campsite, but we have time on our side for once. Like Spokane, Reno is a tight, seller’s market, with not much inventory. So we practice patience. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Marianne and Bodhi at Lake Tahoe last week. It doesn’t look like we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto…

It’s an adventure…

Bodhi Bumper Blessings

A good reason to outlaw car bumpers?

OCCASIONALLY a thought bubble floats by that looks and feels like it could be a bumper sticker. For some time, years even, I’ve resisted the urge to foist any of them on the world. In a moment of weakness, I have formatted a few to foist upon you. Was that wise, I wonder? Only time, and you, can tell…

KOEMS Illustrator Sally Pierone Dies at 97

February 10, 1921 – June 22, 2018

SPOKANE LEGEND and KOEMS illustrator Sally Pierone died Friday, June 25, surrounded by family. An internationally-renowned artist, illustrator, therapist and bon vivant, Sally lived her life larger than life. She worked in postwar Europe promoting the Marshall Plan as its visionary art director; rubbed elbows with countless artists, writers and celebrities in Paris; illustrated a book for Art Buchwald; and—once back stateside—devised her own art therapy modality.

Meanwhile, Sally also raised three remarkable sons in Spokane, whom she followed to Los Angeles a few years ago. And, in an afternoon sometime before she left town, Sally illustrated the KOEMS.

For more details on Sally’s amazing life, check out this LINK to an article in Wikipedia.

Heaven just became a livelier place.