A Small Circle of Friends

Intimacy plus ambience made for a beautiful evening. Photo by Clif Trimble.

ABOUT a dozen stalwart supporters sat in a circle for a totally unplugged performance. No mics, no PA, no cords—just a direct connection. Wonderful for me, and apparently for the audience as well. The way music should be heard.

All Saints Lutheran feeds 100 to 150 homeless and working poor every Tuesday night.

The evening netted over $100, not a lot but more than we started with. Every little bit helps support the good work. It’s what Jesus—or in my case, the Buddha—would do.

Less is More


The kindest cut…

ALFRED HITCHCOCK once said, “Movies are like life, with all the dull parts removed.” Indeed. And alas, I soon realized the introductory spiel in my recent video was exceedingly dull and so requested Hamilton Studio’s highly skilled editor, Hannah, remove it. Poof! Gone without a trace. And so much better.

For my part, I deleted any trace of the former video on my YouTube Channel and have replaced it with one that’s just like a live performance, only with the dull parts removed.

LINK to new video.

If you know anyone who might be interested in seeing this, let them know. I’ll do the same.

May 11th Benefit Concert

BACK AGAIN for the third time. Last Fall, we raised over $800 to help the Spokane All Saints Lutheran Church feed the hungry every Tuesday evening. Maybe this Spring we can go for a thousand? Come if you can. Bring a friend. A good time guaranteed.

FREE Tuesday Night Community Dinner at All Saints Lutheran in Spokane.
  • 7pm Friday, May 11, 2018
  • $10 donation requested
  • 314 South Spruce Street, Spokane

Enneagram Class

THE ENNEAGRAM offers a systematic way to understand the underlying foundation of our personalities, or ego structures. It uncovers the source of our fixations and reflexive responses to life. It offers the best of a wisdom tradition in that it reveals underlying subconscious—even mystical—structures; and, the best of a scientific theory in that it predicts with uncanny accuracy our reflexive behaviors that vary depending on our moods and stress levels.

It is more akin to sacred geometry…

While cosmic in nature, the Enneagram is grounded not in the stars but in ourselves. It is NOT astrology. It is more akin to sacred geometry: the same way in which the Greek Golden Ratio reveals an underlying structure of the cosmos, the Enneagram reveals the hidden structure of our personality and its distortions.

The Enneagram has offered me priceless clarity in myself and in my relationships. While it doesn’t “fix” anything, it allows clarity and insight—as getting a pair of glasses won’t fix your eyes, they do allow you to see clearly.

That is the Enneagram.

  • Classes will be weekly on Thursday nights.
  • Classes will be held in the upstairs conference room at Express Employment, 331 W Main Street in downtown Spokane, across from the Grand Hotel parking garage.
  • Doors open at 6:30pm.
  • Classes start at 7 sharp and end at 8:45.
  • Class dates are May 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.
  • Class size limited to the first 18 who make a deposit or show up.
  • Cost is $25 per class or $80 for the series.

Share the flyer. Bring a friend. Prepare to be amazed.

Lights! Camera! Audition!

Looking like a pro—thanks entirely to Hamilton Studio and their incredible crew. Film at eleven…

TLC From my friends Don and Lorna

TURNS OUT to promote my songs, I have to promote myself—at least until some truly talented and charismatic performer shows up willing to take them out into the world. Since that hasn’t happened—and may never happen!—it looks like I need to do that myself. From a secluded backwater like Spokane, that means the next step is landing some gigs on the “house-concert” circuit* in drivable locales like Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. And that means making a promo video. No video, no gigs. The things I’m learning on this unlikely journey.

So my dear friends Don Hamilton and Lorna St. John offered to shoot such a thing in their cavernous photo, video and recording studio. They created a visually captivating stage for my performance so that twenty or so friends could show up and pretend to be an enthralled audience. More nervous than I hoped, I somehow survived under the lights’ glare with everyone’s encouragement and will post the result when available. For now, so grateful for the magic of video editing. Mistakes? What mistakes?

And I’m most grateful to the support of so many friends helping me get my songs heard!

*Yes, it is true: there actually are people who enjoy letting wandering troubadours sleep on their beds (sofas?) and sing to their friends, who sometimes count in the hundreds. It’s a counter-cultural miracle.

Fall Folk Festival: A heartfelt success!

THANKS to all who came out. The small room was packed, standing room only, and the audience actually listened—the greatest gift someone can give a singer-songwriter. Hats off the dedicated volunteers who put this festival together every year, free to the community. I look forward to returning next year, with maybe a few more new songs.

Special thanks to Marianne Torres who took this picture at the festival.

2016 Day of the Dead Celebration

6pm Wednesday, November 2

cookieshadJOIN BODHI BILL and Rev. Toni Niemiec for our first-ever Dia de los Muertos Celebration at the Center for Spiritual Living in Spokane. We’ll have a display of personal altars (ofrendas), music, songs, stories and sharing along with a Mexican-style potluck dinner

If you are interested in creating an ofrenda honoring your deceased family and friends, contact Rev Toni at joyfulrev1@gmail.com. As of this posting, we still have 6 altar spaces available.

No charge. Donations welcome.

Sugar skulls and decorated skull cookies are provided. Children are welcome. This is an Anglicized version of this traditional Mexican event–so all races and faiths are where to buy cialis online welcome to join.

  • OCT 23/SUNDAY 10am: Sermon and instructions on Dia de los Muertos
  • OCT 30/SUNDAY noon: Cookie and sugar skull decoration party.
  • OCT 30/SUNDAY 6pm: Altar set up for those who have signed up.
  • NOV 2/WEDNESDAY 6pm: Celebration & Mexican-style Potluck—open to the public!

Details on the schedule below.