Fasting for the Future

My 2×3 foot A-frame poster/sign announcing my intention. Printing courtesy

My First Fast is Saturday September 7th

BY THE TIME you read this, I will likely be out there with my A-frame sign, chair, bottle of water, flyers and wavering hope for the future. Am I nervous? Ummmm…yeah. More than a little. Haven’t fasted since college so hope I don’t get too grouchy as the day wears on. Not a good look for someone engaged in non-violent action to be striking out at passerbys.

And, one of my main points actually is making a sacrifice to get their attention—because we can’t solve this without sacrifice; we’re not going to just buy our way to global sustainability with bigger, better, smarter, greener purchases. Not fair, I know. Downright UnAmerican! But that’s the reality we face (or ignore and perish).

…we’re not going to just buy our way to global sustainability…”

So here’s how I think this will work: I’ll be fasting in a high-pedestrian-traffic area downtown along the Truckee River in the morning from 8am to whenever the traffic dies down—maybe early afternoon. That spot has a bustling indoor-outdoor coffee shop “anchor” that draws a crowd. Then, I’ll take a break and return in the early evening to a second spot on the river near a movie theater complex and cluster of restaurants that creates its own traffic vortex. And we’ll see how it goes.

The plan is to do this every Saturday as long as weather and stamina permits. The fasts will run 24-hours, midnight to midnight, liquids-only. They will also be silent; for me, talking is draining and arguing is unpleasant and pointless. And my other major point is not about changing minds; it’s to inspire people who are aware but have not yet engaged—because the system is not going to save itself or it already would have. Solving this crisis requires many more people actively involved than are currently involved to reach critical mass.

I will be offering the flyer below to explain my action. I’ll also be offering an invitation to join me the following morning for coffee and conversation to discuss ideas to save the planet, which seems a graceful end to the process.

The half-page, two-sided call-to-action flyer. If you would like to start your own campaign, contact me at

The genesis of this action was our move back to Reno after 12 years in Spokane. I was horrified by the amount of consumption required to “downsize and simplify” along with the explosive growth of the city and surroundings. I am—and we are—consuming ourselves into extinction. That horror inspired a dystopian NEW SONG that was poetic but bleak—although also, I think, a true reflection of our inability as a global community to comprehend and respond to the crisis we face. It does end with a hopeful call to awaken. As I lived with the song, I realized I needed to also awaken myself to greater action. Hence, this fasting campaign.

I hope my small, insignificant effort will inspire you to either find a way to renew your commitment to  action or find a way to engage that works for you. For that, check out this list of LINKS to climate action groups.