Slip Away Lyric and Chords

CD-SQ-SlipAwayFOR MUSICIANS, here is a basic version of Slip Away along with a PDF file of the words and chords. I recorded this using a classical guitar for backup, but obviously it can be accompanied by any guitar, harp, piano or similar instrument—or simply sung a cappella.

This is an MP3 file. If you’d like a CD-quality track, click HERE.

Words and chords to SLIP AWAY.

I hope you find this helpful.


The Story Behind the Song

CD-SQ-SlipAwaySLIP AWAY represents a fundamental turning point in my life. Before my mother’s death, I was working as an advertising creative director who was beyond burned out—and had been for years. I was so burned out, I had no inspiration left to imagine what might come next.

Then, my mother was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. I wrote this song for her, but something always came up when I wanted to play it. Then, I was with her the day she died and was able to sing it as a round, over and over, as she lay in coma. The impact on both of us was profoundly transcendent. That experience led me to hospice. In hospice I discovered chaplaincy. And in chaplaincy, I discovered a calling to work with the dying and their families, which I followed up to my retirement in 2015.

LINK to download a FREE Slip Away MP3 file

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Fall Folk Festival

3:45 Saturday, November 12, 2016

foto-1-sqJOIN BODHI BILL for a lively, all-originals set at the Folk Festival on the campus of Spokane Falls Community College. Bill's set starts at precisely 3:45pm in the Student Union Conference Room. Come early, stay late. A good time guaranteed for all!

Check out Bodhi Bill's way cool promo video!

Festival location:

  • Lair Student Union Conference Room
  • Spokane Falls Community College
  • 1810 North Greene Street
  • Spokane WA 99217

Good tunes. Good times…

Festival Map


On Being With the Dying

Presence Button 2WHEN I was working as a palliative care chaplain I came up with this three word philosophical summary of spiritual care for the dying. It was well received, so I had buttons printed for the team. They are all gone now, but I think the idea is still worth sharing.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you “know” what to say or not; that will be forgotten anyway. Just be there, in all your awkward vulnerability. That’s what will be remembered. That’s what matters.