Bodhi Bill, Briefly

  • Troubadour and Talespinner.
  • Perpetual Pilgrim.
  • Occasional Mystic.
  • Channeler of Songs.
  • Doctor of Ministry in World Wisdom Traditions.
  • Board Certified Palliative Care Chaplain, Retired.
  • Repentant Ex-Advertising Creative.

Bodhi Bill?

IT’S COSMIC. Bodhi, pronounced “Bow-Dee,” is a Sanskrit word meaning “awakening.” In my case, it does not mean “awakened”—as I am far from that achievement in both temperament and temper; a work in progress on both counts. It does, however, seem to capture a common denominator underlying my songs and to also differentiates me from the hundreds of thousands of other “Bill Millers” in this world, including a Native American rock star. Since I was given so common a name, adding a unique precursor was, I believe, a necessary vanity to be noticed by people who might like what I offer. Please, just call me “Bill.”

Links to…

Social Media Free Zone

MY WORK is about savoring life. Social media is about overwhelming it with mesmerizing torrents of trivia, some useful, most not, and much harmful to our shared, yet fragile humanity. It took me awhile to figure that out, but I have, and am no longer a participant.

My Bodhi Blog allows for a more thoughtful connectivity with purpose, meaning and respect. To me, that seems a lot more social.

Enough about me!

THE GOOD STUFF is on the Bodhi Bill Songs Page!


“Beyond all notions of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”Rumi