On the Move

AS SOME may know, we’ve moved back to Reno, where we lived 22 years before Spokane. Last December, Marianne received an unexpected spiritual imperative to return to the high desert and, to both our surprise, I agreed. Neither of us had ever considered moving back. Once we decided, our house sold quickly and a friend of Marianne’s offered us her vacant condo downtown to camp in while we look for new digs. Both appeared to us as positive affirmations for an otherwise impulsive decision.

We arrived last week and have semi-settled in to the condo. As I’m always eager to keep recording and because I have some interesting design assignments, I temporarily reassembled my studio posthaste. Otherwise, it’s boxes everywhere.

Condo studio before and soon after…

We have started looking at houses. So far, we’re not experiencing the easy grace of selling ours or finding a condo campsite, but we have time on our side for once. Like Spokane, Reno is a tight, seller’s market, with not much inventory. So we practice patience. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Marianne and Bodhi at Lake Tahoe last week. It doesn’t look like we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto…

It’s an adventure…

A Parting Gift

Saying goodbye to 350 Spokane (and Spokane)

AS WE PACK to move back south to Reno* in the next month, I made this chart for our local 350 Spokane chapter as a parting gift. The version they had for their tabletop display was, I thought, too wonky: it laid out the facts but didn’t effectively tell the story.

In the process of redesigning this 800,000 year time line, I looked up the CO2 levels for 1760 (dawn of the industrial age), 1960 (200 years later), then every 20 years after that. The results were more dramatic—and alarming— than I expected.  Our level of burning of fossil fuels has continued to increase, not decrease, and the consequences are clearly escalating to catastrophic. That our media continues to ignore or downplay these facts is a crime against humanity, in my view.

Everybody needs to know this…

…then choose how to best act accordingly.

Meanwhile, I’ll be offline for a few months while we pack, move, unpack and resume life with a much smaller footprint.

* A long story for another time…

Taking It to the Streets

Bodhi Bill’s New Bumper Sticker

YES, I’M STILL obsessing over that 12-year irreversible tipping point from the 2018 UN IPCC Report. Silly me, huh? Hey, we still have almost 12 years left before we fall into the abyss of no return.  No cause for alarm, right? Must not be. No one I know is talking about it. Not to me anyway.

So, I decided to take my concerns to the streets with a new bumper sticker design. I had some printed up for our local 350 Spokane group. It’s also under consideration by 350Maine.org. And, I’ll be sending the PDF file to the other climate activists groups that are using the poster version for their consideration.

Maybe that will start a conversation?

Meanwhile, if you know of any group that might be interested in taking this message to the streets, let me know.


Judging a Song By Its Cover?

My digital distributor did!

TURNS OUT CD Baby didn’t like having Google’s logo on my cover, even though it was technically fair use under copyright law. Ok, fine. I went back to the drawing board and came up with a better design anyway. So there. The new image looks more like a three-dimensional digital pad and the word “Enlightenment” is much easier to read. After all, that is the cosmic joke of the cover concept.

Here it is, new and improved:

If you haven’t yet heard Searching for Something, it’s a hoot. At least, I think so. And at only 90 seconds, a minimal chronological investment.

So much wisdom. So little time…

Mixed Results

Third time’s the charm…

IN RECORDING lore, an audio mix is only considered complete when the lid closes on the mix engineer’s casket. And if, like me, you’re not actually an engineer but just an eager wannabe learning as he goes, that’s even more true. So, here we are with version three of Don’t Hear Nothin.’

In the first mix, the drums were entertaining but too frenetic. Second mix, sans drums, the remaining guitar tracks’ dynamic felt too consistent to support the dramatic build of the song. Third mix, I added synthesizers and other tweaks recently honed from audio training manuals and videos. Voila!

“This time,” said Goldilocks, “the porridge is just right.”

As you can probably tell, I really like this song and want people to hear it. I think it captures our dilemma: The media’s pandering and the resulting indifference of the masses to an escalating existential crisis along with the rising activism of a small but growing minority. And, I think it could be helpful in both awakening those sleepwalking masses and energizing the awakened. It’s been one of my most viewed YouTube videos. That’s encouraging.

If Don’t Hear Nothin’ is meaningful to you, please share it with your friends. It might make a difference. And, as you know, time is running out for that difference to matter.

Thanks for listening.

Happy New Year…

The Scream. 1893. With apologies to Edvard Munch.

What does it take to become awake?

TO RIFF on Winston Churchill, if you’re optimistic about the future, you don’t have a brain. If you’re not willing to fight for your great-grandchildren’s survival, you don’t have a heart.

And, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to wake up, brew some strong coffee and read the news.

So why am I still pounding on the climate lectern? I visited a friend today. He’s highly educated, well informed and deeply involved in bettering our community. I gave him one of my “12 year” posters to put in his business. He didn’t have a clue what it meant. When I explained the UN report, he expressed skepticism because it was just a “projection” and then blamed his indifference on the Chinese because they aren’t doing enough—so why should we.

Why? Because we are sacrificing our great-grandchildren on an altar of inconceivable misery, privation and suffering. And why are we doing that? Because most of us are too goddamn complacent with our carbon-based comforts and convenience to be bothered. And if we are bothered, we blame it on the “Chinese.”

It’s down to this: If we are not the people we’ve been waiting for, there will be no others.

Looking for someplace to start, check out 350.org